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About Me


Hi!! I'm Kim.

I wake up for coffee, love bright lipstick, could wear leopard print everyday and think that I have found THE best way to utilize my bonus room!!

I have dedicated our bonus room to be a space that I can let my creativeness flow... instead of continuing to tear through my house room by room with new projects (it's not even 3 years old).  So, on top of a full time job, raising my husband and 2 children and stretching myself out socially, I thought what better way to add to the life chaos than to run my own business making custom drinkware, signs and other thangs.  For real though, I think that personalized items are the best way to show someone you care or share with others how you are feeling... like when one of my besties requested I make an "Eat A Bag of Dicks" mug for her to use at her office... I was over the moon to help her make it happen. 

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